How to Become a Ninja? Learn the essentials at Musashi Ninja Workshop!

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  • Ninja or shinobi were the covert agents in the Medieval Japan. They normally would belong to a secretive group of well-trained agents. Their primary functions were espionage, infiltration, sabotage and assassination. Somewhere in Tokyo, you can find a special place to have a real ninja experience with the help of the Musashi Ninja Clan. The clan uses the system of Onmitsu, that started developing in the 16th century.


    No experience is needed but you have to be over 12 years of age. Children who are 5-11 years old have be accompanied by parents. It is also best to book the program 14 days in advance. Cancellation and re-booking are only allowed up to 7 days prior to the program start. Programs include: Hands-on Ninja Experience, Samurai Experience, Musasahi Ninja Workshop, Ninja Party or Show, Shogun’s Flagship Deal, Learning Apple Cutting from Joe Okada, an Exclusive Deal (both ninja and samurai experience) for 4 hours and Ninja Training at the Mountain Retreat (6-8 hour overnight course).

    The Hands-on Ninja Experience helps you learn 5 basic ninja techniques and costs around 15,000 yen per head. Here, you can learn about Meditation and Kujikiri, Embu Dedication to the Ancestors, Changing of Ninja Outfits, An Introduction to Ninja Weapons as well as Meditative Inner Eye Technique, Elective Training, all of that followed by a Photo Time.

    If you come in a group of 10 people, it would be best to take the Musashi Ninja Workshop Program. The seminar includes the following itinerary: Embu Purification, Introduction to the Clan’s Ninja History, Meditation and Demonstration, Hands-on Experience with Ninja Stars and Blowguns, Well-wishing and Photo time.

    Weapons used in each of these techniques are authentic in nature and well-crafted. What better way to learn than to grapple, roll, and throw all while doing the real ninja moves?!

    The Musashi Ninja Clan

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