Who is Maru, Japan’s Most Famous Celebrity Cat?

  • In Japan, pets can be celebrities too! You may have heard of Hachiko, the Akita dog that waited nine years in front of Shibuya Station for his owner to come back: definitely Japan’s most loyal dog. He may even have been the one who sparked Japan’s love for animals, especially dogs and cats. In fact, this is apparent once you come to Japan and realize just how many animal cafes there are: cat, dog, owl, even goat ones are now available! So it should be no surprise that another recent “famous pet” has emerged!

    Who is Maru (まる)?

    Maru is a male Scottish fold cat born in Japan on May 24, 2007. A bit chubby, clumsy, and full of curiosity, he won the hearts of animal lovers in Japan and all across the Internet through Youtube videos uploaded by his owner. The videos are captioned with both Japanese and English, making it quite easy for Maru to gain an uncountable number of international fans!

    Maru can be seen indulging in typical feline antics, albeit with a quirky twist: diving into boxes, rolling around and lying on the floor and over a hammock, curling up in the sink!

    Trying to fit into boxes and spaces just a bit too small for him may be Maru’s specialty…

    As you can see, everything Maru does seems quite adorable and watched by many fans. In fact, videos of Maru have been viewed over 320 million times with an average number of 800,000 views per video! A celebrity indeed!

    Maru the Celebrity

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    Now Maru even has his own blog at Maru’s Blog which is dedicated to his daily “ramblings” and happenings. Also, he has even been featured in Entertainment Weekly and the New York Times, no easy feat for the average cat, no less human!

    Plus, in September 2009 a book and DVD titled I am Maru was released in Japan. After that, due to Maru’s increasing popularity, a second book Maru Desu and DVD titled もっと、まるです (More Maru) were next released in 2011!

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    Also, in August 2013 Hana, a female tabby kitten came to live with Maru and now makes appearances in Maru’s videos. Here’s to hoping that the two will live a very long celebrity life on the internet!

    Maru’s Blog

    Maru’s Youtube Channel

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