Have You Seen the Wotas (Japanese Idol Fans) in Town?

  • When you talk about Japan, I’m sure you have encountered the word Otaku. An Otaku is a person who has obsessive interests in the anime and manga industry, and the term may also be used for different interests. But have you ever heard of the word Wota?

    What is a Wota (ヲタ)?

    A Wota (pronounced Ota) is what you call a person who is a fan of idols or idol groups. In Japan, idols play a large part in the entertainment industry, creating a huge fan base from both male and female admirers. This is not limited to the Japanese as foreigners may also take part in being one.

    The term Wota was also derived from the word Otaku, but it has been altered a bit to be classified differently from its origin.

    What do Wota do?

    Wotas in Japan are the ever-supportive fans. They are usually the ones who go to group concerts, attend idol-related events, are willing to wait for long lines like handshake events and as well as fan gatherings together with their co-wotas. Some wotas also spend money on buying various merchandises of either the idol group that they admire or the merchandise of a particular member that is part of the group.

    When going to an idol group’s concert in Japan, you will be surprised by how much support the Wotas show as some of them put in the effort to go full gear. When we say gear, this includes wearing group related merchandises like shirts, caps and towels, fans and pen lights and as well as bringing with them their enthusiasm and participation for the concert or event. If the idols are the main attraction of the show, then you can call the Wotas a form of additional entertainment add a sense of liveliness to complete the show.

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