【Be careful】A ranking of the level of crowding on Tokyo and Osaka trains.

  • In Japan, the starting times of businesses and schools all tend to fall within the same short time period. This results in a large number of people commuting to work or school and severe crowding at this time. On the other hand, the times at which people go home are more varied, so, in comparison to the morning rush hour, the evening rush hour suffers less crowding. When the rail service ends for the night, there is crowding, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. The specific timing of the end of service depends on the date.

    Real congestion condition is here
    When travelling take care!

    250%:Within the capacity of the car. You can sit down on a chair, hold onto the straps hanging down from the ceiling, or hold onto the poles next to the door.
    200%:You touch shoulders with the other passengers, but you can easily read a newspaper.
    180%:The bodies of the passengers are touching but you can read a newspaper.
    150%:The bodies of the passengers are touching, you feel squashed in, but you can just about manage to read a magazine.
    100%:When the train moves, your body leans over diagonally. You can’t move your body or your hands.

    1:JR Keihin Tohoku Line 【Ueno → Okachimachi】200%
    2:Tokyo-Metro Tozai Line 【Kiba → Monzennakachou】199%
    3:JR Soubu Line 【Kinchichou → Ryougoku】199%
    4:Chuou Line【Nakano → Shinjuku】194%
    5:JR Yokosuka Line【Musashikosugi → Nishiooi】193%
    6:Odawara Line【Setagayadaita → Shimokitazawa】188%
    7:Dennenntoshi Line【Ikejirioohashi → Shibuya】183%
    8:JR Tokaido Line【Kawasaki → Shinagawa】183%
    9:JR Sobu Line【Sinkoiwa → Kinshichou】178%
    10:Tokyo-Metro Chiyoda Line【Machiya → Nishinippori】177%

    ※The number one worst, Kobe Main Line, would be number 26 in Tokyo.

    1:Hankyu Kobehonsen Line【Kanzakigawa → Juzo】142%
    2:Hankyu Takaraduka Line【Mikuni → Juzo】139%
    3:Kintetsu Nara Line【Kawachieiwa → Fuse】135%
    4:Midosuji Line【Umeda → Yodoyabashi】135%
    5:Kintetsu Osaka Line【Shuntokumichi → Fuse】133%
    6:JR Katamachi Line【Kamono → Kyobashi】131%
    7:Hankyu Kyotohonsen Line【Kamishinjo → Awaji】129%
    8:Nankai Koya Line【Mozuhachiman → Mikunigaoka】125%
    9:JR Hanwa(Rapid Service)【Sakaishi → Tennoji】124%
    10:Kintetsu Minamiosaka【Kitatanabe → Kitatanabe】123%

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