Interesting History about Nabe, Japanese hot pot.

  • Nabe History

    Every winter, most of Japanese people eat something in “Nabe(=鍋)”
    In Japan there are many kind of Nabe per location. And Nabe have long history Since earthenware era.

    Nabe story date back to Earthenware, which was 206. AC. That period could see the clay figure and tumulus. In addition earthenware also showed up.Earthenware is the beginning of the “Nabe”. So in this time Nabe was written as “Nahe”(=肴瓮). 肴 means Fish and 瓮 means the bowl for meal. Totally , in that phase, people only eat Fish and something in Nahe. So not chicken or Beef or poke.

    Incidentally this time Lady role has made a meal from this phase. So Kagasa (嬶座) was shown up this phase. Kagasa means a seat that is faced on heath and next to the master’s seat. So That mean Kagasa is really authoritative seat. And today Nabe-bugyo show up from that word.

    So When started today’s Nabe(鍋)? That has started since late period of Edo.Since that time started to eat beef in Nabe. Before Eating Beef was banned by the religion of Buddhism. So that habit was keeping. But In the late of Edo, Japan could trade something through foreign countries especially Europe countries. And those countries believe Christianity. Christianity is possible to eat Beef. And that habits teach Japanese to being able to eat Beef.

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    That time show up “Sukiyaki”
    Sukiyaki was the first step for Nabe to be more popular In Japanese citizen. And after some foodstuffs and some good soup making of Fish or meat or vegetable or all mixed.


    Today some change of Nabe has shown in cooking style. So I would like to introduce some change of Nabe.

    First is the way to eat. There are maybe 3 way to eat Nabe. One is kind of Sukiyaki, second is Nabe of made of cooking liquid, last one is hot pot. Shabu-shabu is a part of hot pot. And the way to cook are around 3 but taste is more and more. And if you tried to new taste, you would find new taste yourself.

    Second is material of Nabe. Before I mentioned this article, first style of nabe was “Nahe”, which made of earthenware. But today’s there are many material of Nabe show up. Iron is a part of one. And cooking ways has changed from hearth to cooking stove.

    So I think what is the next Nabe? Is it nothing or burn!!
    Anyway you visit Japan in winter season, I really recommend to eat Nabe.