Globalization in Japanese Entertainment

  • Throughout the years, Japan has undergone a number of changes. People are coming in and going out of the country, exchanging ideas and bringing in new influence.

    Over the course of time, people have gained interest in not only knowing Japan’s culture but also experiencing it first hand. People from different parts of the world decide to try living in this exciting new country. When they know they want to settle down, the possibility of interracial relationship comes up. Naturally in these cases, ‘hafu’ are born.


    The term hafu (ハーフ) in Japan is used to refer a person who is half Japanese and half another nationality. The number of hafu in Japan has increased over the years as people keep coming in the country. Yet the most notable numbers of new born hafu come from various nations around the globe such as America, Brazil, China, Korea and the Philippines.

    Hafu in the Japanese Entertainment Industry

    If you often watch television in Japan, I’m sure you’ve seen at least one hafu being part of a variety show, drama or movie. As the number or hafu increase, some of them are entering the entertainment industry. Because of their interracial features, hafu people often visually stand out in this field. Those who are tall with a toned or slim body and unique or “exotic” looks have also entered modeling.

    Notable Hafu in Japan

    As there are quite a number of hafu in the industry, here a few of the better-known celebrities.

    Some well-known hafu in entertainment include Rola (ローラ), a Half-Bengali fashion model, vocalist and TV personality.

    Becky (ベッキー), a Half-British actress, and singer.

    Shirota Yuu (城田優), a Half-Spanish actor, and singer.

    And Shirahama Alan (白濱亜嵐), a Half-Filipino member of the group Generations from Exile Tribe.

    There are many others in entertainment, as more and more hafu become well known in Japan over time.

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