Must-eat 3 Delicious Local Food at lunchrooms!

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  • Japanese food is not only about traditional and beautifully elaborate food such as Sushi, but also there are casual and easy cooked Japanese food that people love. For example, Takoyaki, Okonomi-yaki, and Yakisoba are very popular and delicious as snack.


    Takoyaki looks like a small ball which is made of mixed eggs and wheat flour with little salt and it has small octopus inside. Takoyaki-sauce with added a pinch of green laver smell so good. When you cook it, you need a special pan for Takoyaki. In Kansai area, most people have the takoyaki machine or pan i! each house.

    To cook Takoyaki fun but it needs to get a knack a little bit to turn it over.


    Okonomi-yaki looks like a pizza and it is made of mixed wheat flour and eggs with fried pork.
    Adding okonomi-yaki sauce and mayonnaise is so delicious!


    Yakisoba is fried noodle and pork with some vegetable such as sliced cabbage, carrot and onion) in otafuku-sauce tastes like Worcestershire. It is common that you can buy it at vendor food in summer festivals.

    Takoyaki and Okonomi-yaki come from the western Japan and now it’s very popular everywhere in Japan. You can cook those food very easily in your house, too.

    Especially Osaka, the place where was called “the kitchen in Japan” during Edo era. A lot of merchants had stopped at Osaka through on way to Tokyo to exchange food such as rice, and did own business. So, when you come to Osaka, you can feel their mercantile spirit still now. It is well known that people in Osaka is very business minded. If you visit first time to Osaka, you might be overwhelmed by their powerful energy. But, you will be getting used soon to the place where cozy with open minded people.
    How about eating those food for your lunch today? Enjoy it!

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