3 Fantastic Japanese Cleaning Products

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  • Cleaning products can be confusing. Different countries have different packages, different shaped bottles, and different color codes for everything. To keep your Japanese home spick and span, try a few of the products below. After all, no one likes to come home to a pig pen!

    1. Bleach

    In the United States, the bottle is white, with a clearly visible poison mark on the front. Just looking at it, you know it is chemical. Not so in Japan. We like cute things, even cute bleach! Bleach is usually packaged in a turquoise plastic bottle with a pink top. Kind of unassuming, right? You don’t want to go giving it a good sniff thinking it is fabric softener. Use kitchen bleach for most cleaning related things like floors, walls, and forgotten coffee-stained cups.

    Just be sure to use the special clothing version to get those stains out of your whites.

    2. Kabi Killer

    Kabi means mold in Japanese. If I ever move abroad, I will ship myself a one year supply of this magic potion that is a cure all for mold and other germ-related nasties. Kabi Killer is meant to be mainly for bathrooms. To use, just put on a mask, enter the shower room, and spray the whole place down like you are mad at it. Wait 5 minutes, and hose it all down with hot steamy water. Done. No mold. No grime. Be warned, though, it packs a mighty strong sent. Don’t go spray-happy in small, unventilated spaces.

    3. Magic Clean

    Another brand that I will bring with me wherever I live. They make everything from window to floor cleaner, but the dark green stuff is where it’s at. This stuff goes through anything. Grease. Markers. Nasty caked-on dust. Got something dirty that you just need to shine? Just spray, wipe, and rinse with water. Seriously, this stuff will blow your mind. It even works on outside taps and pots.

    Happy cleaning!

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