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  • Everyone loves Sanrio! Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, and all of their friends. Hey, who doesn’t need a little cuteness in their life? Thanks to this amazing website, Chanrio Maker*Automatic translation, you can make your own characters or avatars, and save them to your PC or smartphone. Use them to make pictures of yourself, flattering or unflattering avatars of your friends, or just some random creations. Who knows, they might even make a good Tinder profile pic!

    The website itself is fairly easy to use. While there is limited English, there are many clickable pictures to help you to get the idea. Some main tabs are in English, but the site is fairly child-friendly, with common sense clickability.

    First, click start, and click the はじめる red button on the bottom.

    Choose edit mode, or choose your own picture, and then choose your gender.
    The current choices are limited to male and female.

    From there, enter in your chosen name, in romaji (alphabet characters) and click start.

    Now, you are ready to go! The top bars are self-explanatory with pictogram tabs.

    For reference, they are: Facial shape and skin type; hairstyle and colour; eye shape and color; eyebrow shape and colour; nose shape, including a piggy nose option; mouth shapes and styles, clothing; accessories including glasses and facial hair; handheld accessories; and background colours. There are limitless options, from kimono to tobacco pipes.

    Finish your style and customization, and click Ok. Now, you can download your creation!

    This site is a great way to kill time and have some fun while you are waiting for a friend, or can’t sleep at 3 AM. Give it a try, and be creative!

    For some extra inspiration, check out this list of Sanrio characters!

    List of Sanrio Characters

    Have fun Sanrio-izing yourself out!

    Chanrio Maker*Automatic translation

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