The Tsukiji Market, the largest and the most exciting market in the world!

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  • If you like busy environment, you’ll definitely like the largest wholesale market for fish but you can also find meat, vegetables and fruits! The Tsukiji Market is highly recommended you can see as many kind of fish and sometimes some surprising fish. You can also see all the scooter, trucks and the business atmosphere between the seller and buyer!

    The famous tuna auction

    It is very difficult to see the tuna auction as only 120 visitors per day are allowed to enter!! If you wish to visit the auction, you must register at the Fish Information Center (Osakana Fukyu Center) however you cannot book in advance because the visit accepts only the people who arrive first!

    A first group of 60 people will be admitted from 5:25am to 5:50am, and a second group from 5:50am to 6:15am.

    Of course you cannot interfere with business using flash or touching tunas but you’ll be truly impressed!

    Sushi Breakfast/ Lunch

    There are no complete visits if you don’t try a sushi breakfast in one of the restaurants! In fact, there are plenty of sushi bars and you shouldn’t miss the extreme freshness of the fish! It might cost you between 300 yen to 800 yen a piece of sushi but it doesn’t matter when it’s the best quality!

    Opening time

    The admission is free but the market is not open every day so you should check either on the Tsukiji’s website or at the information center before deciding to go there!

    It is closed on Sunday, public holidays and usually but not always on Wednesday.

    The tuna auction is usually closed from the beginning of December until mid January because of the busy time at the end of the year.

    Outdoor market: opens from 5am till 2pm (depending on the store)
    Indoor market: opens from 9am
    Tuna auction: opens at 5:25am till 6:15am (restricted to 120 visitors/day!)

    Getting there

    The Tsukiji market is not so far from Ginza and depending on where you come from, you could go easily by foot.

    If you decide to take the subway, you should go to the Tsukiji Shijo Station on the Toei Odeo Line. It is the nearest station but there is a second nearest station called Tsukiji Station on the Hibiya Line. Then when you’ll arrive you’ll have to walk 5 minutes.

    If you want to see the tuna auction you must go either by foot or by taxi as subway won’t start at that time.

    Rules and information

    Please remember that the first purpose of this market is business therefore as a tourist you should be cautious! In fact, you shouldn’t bring big bags, you should have closed shoes (it’s easy to get wet shoes there), you shouldn’t bring children or pets and you have to follow some rules such as not smoking, not going in restricted area, not obstructing the traffic and not touching anything.

    It is important to know that the Tsukiji market will move in Toyosu in November 2016 therefore you should hurry up to visit there before!


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