5 Tokyo Disneyland Rides Thrill-seekers Will Love!

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  • Tokyo Disneyland is one of Japan’s must-see tourist attractions. But ever since DisneySea opened, some adults have opted to go there instead of the former because of its distinct atmosphere and attractions. Loyal DisneSea-goers should be sure to also check out Disneyland! And what better way to plan your trip, than to learn about the top 5 thrilling rides that will be more fun for adults than for kids?

    1. Big Thunder Mountain

    As its name would suggest, it’s big and it’s a mountain! When you enter Westernland, this ride is the first epic attraction that you’ll definitely want to ride. This is a riveting roller coaster ride that lasts for about 4 minutes!

    2. Splash Mountain

    At first you might feel like it’s not much of a ride with the Zip-a-dee Doo-da song playing, but once you encounter the drops, the fun kicks in. No matter how much you want to hold it in, you’ll definitely scream! The first row is the best seat on this ride but don’t forget to smile for the photo and to bring a change of clothes for when you get splashed after the last drop!

    3. Gadget’s Go Coaster

    Toon Town’s small but rip-roaring rollercoaster. Gadget’s Go Coaster is the only ride listed here that doesn’t require a fast pass. This ride is fun, but you’ll feel like it ended too soon! Good thing you can line up for this attraction again and again!

    4. Star Tours: The Adventure Continues

    Star Wars fans, unite! This 3-D attraction will take you straight into the action of the Star Wars Universe. This ride may have a long queue but don’t worry, you won’t get bored because there are screens set up for your entertainment while you wait!

    This place also houses replicas from the films like robots! Not to mention it’s 4 and a half minutes of total bliss for the ultimate Star Wars fan!

    5. Space Mountain

    Last but certainly not least! Space Mountain is an attraction you can’t miss because of its huge dome-shaped structure! It’s an indoor roller coaster ride that simulates an intergalactic journey. The inside of this attraction is somewhat similar to that of Star Tours and just so happens to be located nearby in Tomorrowland! A good ride to end your tour of the park before catching the parade.

    There you have it! The top 5 best thrilling rides in Tokyo Disneyland for adults to enjoy! If you’re ever planning to go to this theme park, be sure to try these rides out for yourself!

    But don’t forget to visit their website to check for temporary closure of park facilities. Be sure to arrive early for a good chance to ride all of these great attractions! Have a great time in Tokyo Disneyland!

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