Be Mesmerized by the Beauty of the Rikugien Garden

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  • Japan is very rich in nature with colorful trees everywhere especially during the season of Autumn, as Japan gives the utmost importance to nature. Many visitors to Japan sometimes limit their sightseeing specifically to man-made structures such as the Tokyo Skytree or Tokyo Tower. There are tons of places to visit in Tokyo, and one shouldn’t miss strolling into one of the most beautiful Japanese landscape gardens which is located at Bunkyo, Tokyo.

    Rikugien Garden

    There are nine Tokyo Metropolitan Cultural Heritage Gardens, and one of them is the Rikugien Garden which is considered as one of the most breathtaking gardens in Tokyo. The name Rikugien literally means Shi no Rikugi “Six Poems Garden” which was built around 17th century for the 5th Tokugawa Shogun. It has a large pond in the middle of the garden with a cluster of Maple trees, Cherry Blossoms, Pine trees, Hydrangeas, and Azaleas. The beauty of this garden has kept the ambiance of Edo intact in this modern day of Tokyo.

    Just walking in this special scenic park will leave you feeling inspired and complete. It has a small shop and a tea house where you can take time to buy souvenirs and relax with tea and sweets. You can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view from the highest man-made hill of 35 meters whose top is called “Fujimi-yama” (Fuji-view peak). This is a highly recommended park especially in Autumn, but every season is completely different.

    Every garden has a refreshing atmosphere, was built for several purposes, and each has its own kind of beauty for every visitor to contemplate and unwind.

    An awe-inspiring garden just for 300 Yen for general admission, 50% discount for ages 65 and above, 20% discount for groups of 20 and above, and free entrance for elementary students or below and junior high school students residing or studying in Tokyo.

    Rikugien Garden Website

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