MOS BURGER, Most Popular Made-in-Japan Burger Joint

  • Do you know that the second largest burger chain in Japan, next to McDonald’s, originated in the country itself? Currently headquartered in ThinPark Tower in Osaka of Tokyo is a very old hamburger restaurant which stood the test of time since 1972.

    The owner started its first test run of hamburger restaurants in Narimasu, Tokyo. From then on, the chain proactively opened many stores all throughout the Asia Pacific region.

    Why is it called MOS?

    The founder of the company is Satoshi Sakurada. He made the name MOS as an abbreviation for Mountain, Ocean and Sun. Each word has its own symbolic meaning. Mountain means dignified and noble tall like a mountain. The Ocean means to have a heart that is wide and vast as an ocean. The Sun is to have a vibrant and life-giving passion like the real sun. This greatly entails his expression of a limitless love for the environment and the pursuance of establishing a group of people committed to achieving a certain aim.

    The Goal

    MOS Burger centers on one goal, “to make people happy through food” by providing safe, healthy and delicious food. They also follow a certain slogan in its stores: “Japanese Fine Burger and Coffee.” They incorporated the Japanese unique taste in its burgers, which rapidly grew internationally due to a combination of its delicious, freshly made food as well as cordial and friendly service. Putting up the company is not an easy task. It took a lot of time, dedication, investment and hard work.

    Unique Burgers

    There are countless varieties and flavors when it comes to MOS Burgers. However, there are two unique burgers you can try: MOS Rice Burger and Takumi Burger. The former uses a bun made up of rice which has been mixed with barley and millet. The latter is made with Tasmanian beef with ten toppings, including avocado, wasabi and other gourmet as well as seasonal ingredients.

    There are many more varieties to choose from if you go to MOS Burger. Enjoy your healthy burger meal!

    Mos Burger

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

    Shinjuku Branch

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