Ueno Park Attracts Countless Tourists From All Over the World!

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  • The Ueno park is wide and a famous park in Ueno Tokyo. There are two Shrines, Zoo and Museums in Ueno park. If you come in the Spring season you can see Sakura here.

    Many people will come to see Sakura in Ueno park every year. some people are making lunch boxes and eating it with family, friends and coworkers when they enjoy to see Sakura. Japanese “Ohanami”

    Ueno Zoological Gardens

    Do you like Animals? If so, You should go to Ueno zoological Gardens in Ueno. There are many Animals here. For example, you can see two Pandas, one is named Li-Li, the other is Shin-shin. You can only see Pandas in this zoo in Tokyo.

    You can see Lions, Elephants,Tigers,Gorillas, Bears and so on. There are many different kinds of Animals.

    There is also a West side. You can see Crocodiles, Tortoises, Snakes and over 50 animals here.

    There is children zoo here too.Children and adults can go inside and touch animals.
    You can enjoy to touch and see animals here.

    Gojouten Shrine

    There are two Shrine in Ueno park. This shrine is called Gojouten Shrine. You can wash your hands here because people think we need to wash hands before we go to place of god. After that you can go to the main hall. please pray and make your wish.

    Hanazono Inari Shrine

    This shrine is called Hanazono Inari shrine. There are many Toriis, Torii is a gate of Shrine. The two shrines are close together so you can see them both.

    The National Museum Of Western Art

    This is The National Museum Of Western Art in Ueno park. This museum started sins 1959.
    There are 4500 pictures,rough sketches,sculptures, prints in Storage box here. There is art of famous people for example: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Auguste-René Rodin, etc.

    The Ueno Royal Museum

    This is The Ueno Royal Museum, started sins 1972. There are no permanent exhibitions so every year it changes. There are publicly sponsored exhibitions. There is also art school so people can learn how to drawing from Professional lecturers.

    You can enjoy all day with your family or friends in Ueno park.

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