Thou Shall Not Fear, Fudosan (Real Estate Agents) are Here!

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  • Finding a place to stay is one of the many concerns that people have when they move to or inside of Japan. This is actually the case for both foreign and Japanese people who go through the stresses of a house move.

    Luckily, real estate agents or Fudosan as they are called in Japan are a very good place to stop by when you are trying to find that new home you’d like to spend your long-term stay in Japan.

    Fudosan (不動産)

    Real estate agents are everywhere in Japan, you can recognize them by the 不動産 characters and the posted property in the windows.

    Popular Fudosan in JapanWhen you go to a Fudosan, all you have to do is tell them specifically what your preferences are. This includes the room size, the rent price, accessibility to different establishments or the station, location and anything you might want to add. Once done, the agent who handles you will show you the units that meet your conditions and you can see the units as the agent will either drive you or walk you there if you would prefer so. These agents will assist you from start to finish making sure the process goes smoothly until the lease contract is signed.

    Here are some of the popular Fudosan that you could check out, however, please note that most Fudosan in Japan require a Japanese guarantor in order to rent a property.

    Mini Mini (ミニミニ)

    Click here to visit their website.

    Pitat House (ピタットハウス)

    Click here to visit their website.

    Housemate (ハウスメイト)

    Click here to visit their website.

    Able (エイブル)

    Click here to visit their website.

    Century21 (センチュリー21)
    Click here to visit their website.

    Special Mention: Leopalace 21 (レオパレス21)

    Leopalace 21 is a foreign-friendly real estate company that will help you look for a place to move in even if you’re not in Japan yet! Check out their website and don’t hesitate to give them a call if you are looking for assistance! Click here to visit their website.

    Before you visit any real estate agency, do make sure you’ve prepared well by writing down any questions you may have, and make a list of qualities you would like to see in the home or apartment you are going to live in.

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