Why are Dolly Eyes So Popular in Japan?

  • Living in Asia can be quite the dream, especially for the makeup lovers who love trying new products without the need of a plastic surgery. Dolly eyes, or “big eyes” are extremely popular among Asian girls, especially Japanese, which leads to contact lenses being a big trend.

    “Are these contact lenses for real? I have never seen such a thing before.” said foreigners who once had a chance to see these dolly eyes for the first time.

    Why do Japanese girls love wearing these contact lenses so much?

    They are one of the most popular and effective products, which make a difference to the person who wears them without paying a certain amount of money for plastic surgery. These contact lenses are designed in a wide variety of colours, as well as the sizes of diameters. These lenses absolutely make their eyes look bigger than before.

    In cooperation with makeup tricks, the lens can transform the users into a completely different person. Many girls love the idea of applying the big eye lenses since they feel more confident when meeting people. The idea of the dolly eyes is like a magic trick that change one ordinary girl to look like a ‘Kawaii (pretty)” anime character, or western women.

    The lenses are not only available in various colours, but there are even fancy designs, such as prints and patterns like Hello Kitty embedded in the lenses also.

    How easy is it to purchase these contact lenses?

    Life couldn’t be easier when the lenses can easily be bought on the street. The customers can just walk to the shop, and pay for their favourite lenses without a prescription. Also, if they can’t find the right choice, they can order from the online stores. However, there are many cases that these lenses may cause great damage as well. The worst case is these dolly eyes can make girls go blind. However, this doesn’t stop many girls from putting on the lenses for the sake of beauty!

    You can buy contact lenses on their website.