Cheap, Quick, and Yummy: Japanese Bento Chain Hotto Motto

  • Feeling tired from a long day at the office? Don’t wanna cook? Need to get some quick but healthy food? Why not give Hotto Motto a go!

    Arguably the most popular take out bento (boxed lunch) chain in Japan, Hotto Motto is found all over the country, from rural enclaves to bustling city centres.
    The chain offers fast, fresh cooked boxed lunches for take out only, as far as I know I have never seen a sit-down option!

    You can order by phone if your Japanese is strong enough, or go into the shop, point at the menu, and choose your dinner for the evening. The staff are friendly and courteous and the wait time is about 5 – 15 minutes maximum, with the latter occurring only during the lunch and dinner rush.

    You can get the full boxed lunch with comes with rice in a separate container, or just the main dishes and toppings that you can add to your cooked rice at home.

    Top Hotto Motto Picks

    Here are some of the best offerings.

    1. Chicken Nanban – Miyazaki Style Fried Chicken With Tarter Sauce – 530 Yen.

    Sure, you can travel all the way to Miyazaki to eat this dish, but why bother. Tolls are expensive. Enjoy the takeout version, and save yourself the traffic headache.

    2. Chicken Tatsuda – Fried Chicken with a Grated Daikon and a bubbly breaded crust. – 530 Yen.

    Hands down, my most favourite option. Crunchy on the outside, tender inside. A delicious breakfast, dinner after work, or hangover cure. This is the heaven of boxed lunches.

    3. Nori Bento – Seaweed Boxed Lunch. 300 Yen.

    A personal favorite, for when I am feeling like something traditional. The fish is always crispy around the skin, and delicious in the middle. Just don’t leave it too long, or the seaweed will turn mushy.

    4. Yasai Itame – Stir Fried Vegetables – 540 Yen.

    So much cheaper than making it yourself, especially with off season vegetables, this option packs a punch of vitamins, minerals, and deliciousness.

    5. Steak Bento – Steak Boxed Lunch – 590 Yen

    I love steak. LOVE it. But, you know, steak can be pricey. This take out option is not, and is delicious. Beef. Rice. Pickles. Heaven.

    Don’t forget the rice!

    The rice! It tastes just like homemade rice. As if a Japanese grandma herself made it lovingly in her rice cooker while preparing pickles and singing Enka…Moist. Fresh!


    Also, about the salads! Only 90 Yen for a quick and easy veggie fix, from shredded cabbage to corn salad. You can get a dressing there, or bring it home and pop some of your favourite home brand on it!

    Give Hotto Motto a try if you have a chance, you may change your mind about fast food, and save a few hours in the kitchen!

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