3 Japanese Over The Counter Medicines To Help You Feel Your Best

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  • So, you’ve moved to Japan, or at least travelling in it, and you find yourself under the weather. What to do? If you’re having one of the most common health problems as mentioned below, follow this quick guide to local medicines, which will hopefully get you back in tip-top shape for the rest of your journey, or simply through the rest of your work day.

    Most medicines come with Japanese instructions only, but please use some common sense. Don’t do things you wouldn’t do in your home country, like mixing medicines with booze, or mix and match random pills.

    Here are 3 great Japanese brands to help you get by.


    A nasty headache can put a damper on your plans to visit an outdoor Taiko performance. Big drums. Big sounds. Big cringes. There are several over the counter pain relievers to help you get through the day, with the main and easy to spot brands being Bufferin and Eve.


    Having a fever is nasty. Especially in an unknown country, and especially while travelling. Loxonin is the go to drug. Also available through prescription, it is fast acting, easy on the stomach, and very effective. For someone who just moved to the country, or has a slightly larger body frame, you might want to up the dose by 50%. Japanese medicine, is after all, made for the Japanese body types. Loxonin can also be used as a strong pain reliever.

    Skin Ailments

    Yuskin cream is great for all types of skin ailments. Dry skin, itchy skin, mild skin allergies, etc. Although the smell is slightly strong, it will save you in a variety of situations. It is also available in tubes, pop it in your bag and you will be all set for travelling, work, or drastic temperature changes! I have sent this to the friends abroad, and they always request more.

    Of course, there are a lot more medicines for various uses, but these three should get you through a few most common rough patches.

    Happy Medicating!

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