5 Anime Songs to Pull on the Heart Strings of All Anime Romantics

  • How many times have you felt like crying just because a song sounded so sad that you couldn’t help but remember an event in your life that once made you cry? It could be a lost love, a failure to achieve something, or just any random lonely moments that come to mind when you hear a song.

    We’re not just talking about the mainstream music with worldwide distribution but also those that accompany some of our favorite anime shows. So sit back, relax and get your hankies ready while listening to the most haunting anime songs you’ll ever hear in the industry.

    Fields of Hope (Gundam Seed Destiny)

    This song was officially released in Japan on December 16, 2004, as part of the official “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY Original Soundtrack I”. It appeared as an insert song in some of the most climactic episodes in the series, where it was sung by the anime’s female protagonist, Lacus Clyne.

    Its lyrics speaks of something regarding the longing for a brighter future alongside with someone close to the person’s heart. It’s a song fitting for the Gundam Seed Destiny’s complicated and touching story revolving love, war, politics, and friendship.

    Legend of Mermaid – Slow Version (Pichi Pichi Pitch)

    It’s an insert song for the anime and is used as the main song by the seven princesses (anime protagonists) to combat all their enemies (collectively called: Water demons).

    There are two general versions of the song. The original is sung by the three main princesses, Lucia, Hanon and Rina (Asumi Nakata, Hitomi Terakado, Mayumi Asano), and is characterized by an upbeat arrangement.

    What struck most, however, is Sara’s version (voiced by Kana Ueda), which is a slower version of the song played only with piano accompaniment.

    One More Time, One more Chance (5 Centimeters Per Second)

    It was originally released as Yamazaki’s single from his album, “Home” on January 22, 1997, but it was not until 2007 that we see it being incorporated as an ending theme song of the anime “5 Centimeters Per Second”.

    The song is highly fitting for the anime that tells a love story of a man and a woman who didn’t have the chance to be together because of their distance and differences in their career choice. It’s one of those romantic anime movies with a clear touch of reality.

    Scarlet (Ayashi no Ceres)

    Scarlet is the opening theme of the anime “Ayashi no Ceres” released on April 20, 2000. The song’s message focuses on a person’s desire to fulfill his or her dreams but ends up forgetting or burying it as time passes by.

    Natsuhiboshi (Naruto)

    This is an insert song that appeared on episode 182 of the series. It appeared on the “Star Guard Mission” which is an anime-exclusive arc of Naruto. Natsuhiboshi is a lullaby song that is sung by the character Natsuhi towards her son, Sumaru. The latter then sings it every time to remember his mother who passed away.

    Music can be considered as a universal language. You need not look into what the lyrics mean to feel its message. The arrangement and voicing of the artists alone can already make you feel something. Whether they’re about some of your happy thoughts or sad ones is dependent on how your brain associates the song with your experiences.

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