Saga International Balloon Fiesta: A Sky Full of Balloons

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  • Every year in Saga Prefecture, there is an event that attracts many people from all parts of the country, even the world. Whether you’re a participant, a viewer, or just a passersby, the Saga International Balloon Fiesta is a sight to love in Autumn.

    Saga International Balloon Fiesta (佐賀インターナショナルバルーンフェスタ)

    The Saga International Balloon Fiesta is a yearly event that takes place near the Kase River. This event involves more than a hundred balloons from 15 countries that take part in the festival and it has been dubbed as one of the biggest balloon festivals in Asia. There are 3 main attractions that you have to see in this event!

    Balloon Contest (バルーン競技)

    The Balloon Contest takes place twice a day. Once in the morning from 6:30 and once in the afternoon around 2:30. This contest though is dependent on the weather conditions but the morning’s contest is very much recommended!

    Balloon Fantasia (バルーンファンタジア)

    Balloon Fantasia features character balloons that the kids will enjoy. You can actually get near these balloons and see it for yourself up close! Balloon Fantasia starts around the time after the Balloon Contest or around 10:30.

    La Montgolfier Nocturne (ラ・モンゴルフィエ・ノクチューン)

    The last attraction, La Montgolfier Nocturne, features the full line up of all the lit-up balloons accompanied by music. This is very much different from the two attractions as you will be touched by the sight of all the vibrant colors. And there are also fireworks if the weather is good. This attraction starts at 6:30 in the evening on the 2nd and 3rd of November.

    The Saga International Balloon Fiesta will be held from October 30th, 2015 to November 3rd, 2015. If you’ll be here on these dates, why not check out this once in a year event!

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