Enjoy Spring with many kind of ” Sakura “

  • In Japan, What is the sign to know that it will be Spring Soon?
    That is a Cherry blossom. And that is called “Sakura”

    When you visit Japan in Spring, you can see beautiful Cherry blossom in some place maybe per prefecture. When you go to a big park, you can see many people with having alcohol drink. So this season make Japanese people be happy.

    Language of Sakura is “spiritual beauty” and “A good education”
    About Spiritual Beauty that mean comes from the story that George Washington cut his father’s Cherry blossom tree and without telling a lie, he said honestly to cut that one.

    Sakura is located on the northern hemisphere especially Asia are.
    Japanese Sakura is the most beautiful one in the world. There are one hundred kind of Sakura you can see in Japan. In those kind of Sakura, there are three type cherries I recommend to see.

    Somei Yoshino cherry

    sakura 1

    Somei Yoshino cherry is famous one in cherry blossom. This name maybe comes from “Somei village” On Edo era.
    So why Yoshino cherry has been popular. Because this cherry first flower and second send out leaves, on the other cherry blossom usually flower and send out leaves at the same time. So pattern of flowering augur well.

    weeping cherry

    sakura 2

    This cherry name comes from the body of dripping. That is said “Tarete-iru Sakura”
    so called Shidare-sakura. This language of flower is elegance.

    double cherry blossom

    sakura 3

    This Sakura was handled as the theme of TV Drama. “Yae-no-Sakura”
    Language of this flower is the fine bleeding and the right education.

    By the way, in Spring, you can see many type of cherry blossoms.And with alcohol drink.

    In addition, Sakura collaborate with some food taste or package.
    Sakura sweet bun and Sakura’s taste snack etc.

    Sakura taste KitKat


    Haagen Dazs “Sakura taste”

    sakura 5

    Beer & Sakura Package

    At the end

    So you can enjoy Sakura season in Spring every year.
    Enjoy Spring season in Japan,