Death Note: Perfect For Those That Love the Darker Side to Anime

  • Death Note is a really well-known manga and anime in Japan and around the world. You might not see as many people wearing Death Note clothes the way you do with some of the more kid-friendly animes, but it’s still hugely popular among those who prefer their manga and anime a little darker.

    The Death Note manga was originally written by Tsugumi Ohba and has spawned animes, movies and a recent live action TV series all of which have been really successful.

    Story Line

    The story begins when a high school student named Light Yagami finds an innocuous looking notebook on the floor outside his school and takes it home. The notebook is black and says “Death Note” on the cover with instructions on the first few pages explaining that if you write someone’s name in the book then they will die! There are more rules ensuring that people with the same name don’t die and even controlling the manner of people’s death which you will find out more about as the series progresses.

    Although he’s sceptical at first, Light experiments and finds that it really works and meets the shinigami, or death god, who owns the book. He then begins a crusade to make the world a better place by killing all the criminals but as his crusade progresses people begin to realise the deaths aren’t natural and the story follows Light and the team who are trying to find out who is behind the killings as they close in on Light and he tries to continue his killings while avoiding them.

    Despite its popularity in Japan, it has caused quite a lot of controversy in other countries! It’s even banned in mainland China after some students were found to have made their notebooks look like the Death note from the series and had written peoples names in them! (Although there’s no evidence that the homemade ones worked thankfully!)

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