The Story of Ranma 1/2: Half Boy, Half Girl

  • The Story

    A popular animation from Japan which was serialized in the Weekly Shonen Sunday, is Ranma 1/2. The main protagonist in the story is Ranma Saotome, a teenage boy who’s very much proficient in martial arts. An accident occurred in one of his training trips with his father. He was said to have fallen into the Spring of the Drowned Girl (Jusenkyo) which changed his gender into a red-headed girl. It was considered as a curse!

    Once you fall into a Jusenkyo, you’ll take the form of whatever creature fell and died into it, even if it took place a thousand years ago, as long as you come in contact with its cold water. When splashed with cold water, Ranma becomes a girl, while hot water turns him back into a boy; thus, the name Ranma 1/2 (half-boy, half-girl).

    What kind of Anime is it?

    Ranma 1/2 animation was created by Studio Deen and was ultimately aired on Fuji TV on 1989. It consisted of 18 episodes. The anime may have stayed true to the original manga but there were some parts which differed such as the late introduction of Hikaru Gosunkugi, one of the unpopular students in Ranma’s class. He’s very much in love with Akane Tendo who, I believe, is Ranma’s girlfriend.

    Akane Tendo

    The female protagonist in Ranma 1/2 is Akane Tendo. She used to have a long hair but was cut short in Ranma’s fight with Ryoga Hibiki. From then on, she kept it short for the rest of her life. You’ll often see her in her school uniform though she has a lot of outfits. She has a very compassionate nature and loves helping others but is a bit short-tempered. She’s also quite jealous when it comes to Ranma and is a little insecure with her attractiveness and skill. Most of the time though, she is seen saving the life of Ranma in the story.

    Ryoga Hibiki

    One of the most powerful fighters in the series Ranma’s eternal rival, is Ryoga Hibiki. One noticeable personality trait he has, which his entire family has also, is the lack of ability to determine direction. Even the simplest one could get him lost. Absurd as it may sound, he cannot follow the directions of someone even if pointed in the correct direction.