Dragon Ball Newbie? Let’s Take You Back to the Beginning!

  • Dragon Ball is a popular manga series which has definitely made everyone head-over-heels for it. It was written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama, who was conclusively recognized first for Dr. Slump artwork. Nonetheless, it was Dragon Ball which truly made him popular. Let’s check out how it all started.

    How the Story Begins

    The story starts to unfold from its main protagonist, Goku. He is a monkey-tailed boy who became friends with a teenage girl named Bulma. They were the first pair of characters who were introduced in the story. Toriyama’s explanation is more on his opinion that it is best to introduce characters in pairs so as not to insert too much narration into it.

    Bulma’s appearance was very helpful in guiding Goku as a young child. She taught Goku how to interact. Without her, Goku would never have known how to speak. You might be surprised as to why Bulma would often change her hairstyle. It’s how the writer perceives a girl’s fashionable personality. Bulma is even seen changing her hair color from turquoise to fuchsia after three years in the story.

    For the most part, Bulma is seen wearing her name “Bulma” on her clothing or the Capsule Corporation Logo.

    The Journey

    Goku’s journey was to find the seven Dragon Balls in order to grant one special wish from summoning the dragon, Shenlong. It is the Eternal Dragon in the Ocean that grants the wishes. Once a wish is granted, the balls will scatter across the planet, turn into stones and will become useless for a year. If Shenlong, on the other hand, is destroyed, it won’t be able to grant any more wishes.


    On one of Goku’s journeys, he met Yamcha, the desert bandit who ultimately became his ally. Later on, Yamcha and Bulma developed a relationship together. He has a particular signature attack known as the “Fist of the Wolf Fang” which is a physical barrage of punches ending in a double palm strike.

    From that point on, there is so much that happens on Goku’s journey with new characters being introduced and plenty of great adventures!