Do You Know These Kinds of Ramen?

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  • When visitors come to Japan, almost of them want to eat ramen. It is no exaggeration to say that Ramen is a part of new Japanese culture.

    Ramen history

    Do you know when and where Japanese ramen was born? In the Edo Period, one confucian visited Japan. His name was Zyu Zyiyu. That time, he was attended to by Mitsukuni Tokugawa. So Zyu made a Shirusoba, which is soon and noodle, as feeling of grateful. And that was said the first time of Ramen. But this food wasn’t famous for citizen. Just Mitsukuni knew that.

    In 1910, so spent a long time, Japanese Ramen began at one store. That store is Rai-Rai-ken. That was first Ramen store and taste was soy sauce. And then Ramen has been popular and from that time some prefecture show up another taste. Those are Tonkotsu( noodle with a pork bone broth), Miso and spicy ramen.

    Tonkotsu ramen

    “Tonkotsu” ramen is based on a pork born broth soup. And soup is really chunky compared with another Ramen
    That’s soup came from Nagasaki Chanpon noodle. really soup is imitate. And almost of all the customer order free option that noodle type is thin noodle and after finishing eat and order “Kaedama”. Kaedama is to add noodle more paying.

    Miso Ramen

    Miso Ramen is really popular one in Hokkaido prefecture.
    Miso soup of Ramen was made by Mr. Morito Oomiya in 1961. Until then, main stream soup of Ramen was Tonkotsu soup. One days he tried to put on Miso in Tonkotsu soup. And taste be mild and then he showed that Ramen as menu. And more popular. These days Miso Ramen is known as Hokkaido’s food.

    Spicy Ramen

    In Japan there are many spicy ramen is Dandan noodle plus spicy soup mixed. That is hard to finishing eat. Because really really hot.
    But don’t worry. you can choose spicy level per restaurant. So recommend beginner level when you visit first time. But taste is really good.
    So I can’t recommend those who don’t like spicy food.

    And expecting those kind of Ramen, you can see a crazy Ramen or Ramen collaboration goods.

    Black Ramen
    Ramen Vending Machine

    Be careful, that’s can noodle is not real noodle. That made of a Konnyaku.

    Ramen Oreo
    At the end

    Anyway when you visit Japan, you should go a Ramen restaurant. And if you had a chance to any prefecture, you have better to compare with another Ramen.