5 Awesome Anime Series You Can’t Miss

  • Out of the many great things which come from Japan, anime would be classified by many as one of the best. With story lines to match anyone’s particular interest. Whether it be school life, giant robots battling in space, futuristic tales or reminiscing tales of the past, anime truly does have the ability to capture not only one’s interest but draw you into hundreds of different stories all told by cute characters with those typical big, adorable eyes. Anyhow, the main point here is that out of the hundreds to choose from, this is a list of 5 anime series that any dedicated fan simply must watch at some point.

    5. Naruto

    While Naruto may be an incredibly long running series, if you have the time and in some cases the patience to watch the still ongoing series, you will enter a world complete with fighting, friendship, teen angst (ah, those one-sided love stories…) and let’s not forget the world full of awesome ninjas yelling out moves as they blast a ‘rasengan’ (a Naruto-specific fighting technique) at the enemy. Who doesn’t love an anime based on ninja-life?!

    4. K-On!

    Allow me to introduce you to the light music club: this is a club where tea time and hanging out with friends while procrastinating are the main goals and… of course playing light music with band members. K-On! is a cute anime based around the light music club, it is a school life anime series and consists of 26 episodes in total. However, this one can be a little hard to get into at first as the beginning can feel a bit slow. But the minute you get their catchy songs in your head, I dare you to try and not let it lure you in for the entire two seasons. And there is a movie too… they will go to London, but I’m not going to ruin it for you, you’ll have to watch it yourself.

    3. Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maiden

    Now this is one anime series you may not have heard of. It falls into the drama/romantic comedy genre and runs for a total of 13 episodes altogether. It follows the story of Nagi, a goddess who is awoken when Jin fashions a sculpture from the wood of a sacred tree. The anime then follows their adventures as Nagi tries to cleanse the world of its impurities which is her duty, but struggles due to the fact that her tree was cut down which has weakened her. This is where Jin comes in to assist her with all her somewhat crazy adventures. It is highly cute, addictive and a little emotional, and definitely worth checking out.

    2. Gatchaman Crowds

    One of the newer anime series, this one consists of 13 episodes. The Gatchaman are specially selected warriors who fight in awesome armored suits and haven been chosen to protect the world from a crazed alien named Berg Katze who is set on destroying the planet. The story begins with the newest member Hajime having her spiritual powers (a manifestation known as NOTE) pulled from her soul. She is obsessed with cute notebooks and has a bit of a unique outlook on life, not letting anyone tell her what to do or how to do it. If you like funny characters, a futuristic setting and a bit of fighting, then this anime is just the one for you.

    1. Nana

    This anime is my personal top-rated series of all time. Emotive and enthralling, it captures modern day struggles and real life situations that anyone can relate to at one point or another. Nana contains a total of 47 episodes, all based on the original manga series by Ai Yazawa. The story revolves around the lives of the two main characters, they are both called Nana. Nana Komatsu is from a small town. She chases her boyfriend to Tokyo in the hopes of achieving her dream life of having the perfect family while Nana Osaki was the lead singer of a popular punk band in her hometown. She also moves to Tokyo, in the hope of making it big. Through a series of events, the two come to live together and the series follows the hardships as well as the wonderful memories they create, as they simply try to navigate the paths to their goal and their ever building friendship. This anime series will lure you in, and will have you both laughing and crying at different parts. If you have yet to see it, this is the one series I highly recommend to anyone.

    if you haven’t seen any of the above series yet, then what are you waiting for, start to watch one right now! You won’t be disappointed. These are my personal top picks of series that keep beckoning after all these years, to watch again and again. They really are just amazing and worth watching at least once.

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