Rainbows, Pastels, and Ponies: The World’s First My Little Pony Cafe!

  • Japan is full of theme cafes, you literally cannot go to a city and not see one. From the ubiquitous animal cafes (cat, rabbit and owls oh my!) to ninja and even maid cafes, there is something for everyone. However it still comes as a surprise to see a My Little Pony cafe while wandering around Harajuku near Omotesando. Amidst all the fun people wearing costumes and high-end fashions, the My Little Pony Cafe seems to have found a fitting home.

    For those of us who grew up in the 1980’s, My Little Pony was an essential part of our childhoods. I remember vividly going to the local toy store and having my pick of rows and rows of ponies. The cafe brings this childhood memory into present day reality. The pop-up cafe is the only one in the world and is only open for a limited time. Until the end of November of this year, one can sample all the kawaii foods each with some kind of pony decor. Even the coasters and placemats have My Little Pony on them. Not to mention the stairway with the lovely rainbow arches adorning the tops. The coffee with the My Little Pony foam is an artwork to behold. It’s hard to even drink such cuteness!

    The favorites range from pancakes, sandwiches, omelettes to colorful drinks and sundaes. The characters showcase both the original My Little Pony characters along with the current Friendship is Magic version of the ponies.

    There is something for every generation of My Little Pony Fan. Even for those not especially hungry, there is a giant mural on the wall to admire along with cutouts and stuffed animals to pose with. There is even themed omiyage / merchandise that one can peruse and buy. So much fun!

    Be sure to get there before November 29, 2015 when the cafe reverts back to its original form as Sunday Jam. So much kawaii in one little space! Itadakimasu!

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