Give Japan’s Most Expensive Fruit a Try!

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  • The Yubari King Melon is the most expensive fruit in Japan. It is also one of the most expensive fruits in the world. The fruit is commonly bought as a gift or a souvenir from a trip to Hokkaido. The Yubari King Melon has become a symbol of status, and hence, has the higher price. It was once sold at $12,000 per melon at one of the auctions in Japan. Before brushing off any hope or possible opportunity to try the Yubari King Melon after reading that last sentence, please read on and reconsider it.

    There are cheaper Yubari King Melons

    Why the ridiculous prices? No way are you gonna spend that amount of money! Or so you thought. There are more affordable yubari melons at the market. Heck, I bought one at a supermarket for about 3000 yen and ate if after prying it open with a pair of scissors. It was the cheapest melon among the selections (probably it was old?) but I was too stingy to splurge on a regular-priced one (which was still affordable at about 10000 yen per melon). Another alternative is to buy only one slice from the market if you really want to save money.

    Don’t be deceived by its appearance

    That stuff looks just like a cantaloupe. It should taste about the same, right? WRONG. Regular cantaloupes are hard and rather plain tasting. The taste of yubari melon is totally different from what you would be expecting. The Yubari melon is very juicy and flavourful. You will lust for it after trying a slice which is why I bought a whole melon at a supermarket after trying out a slice at one of the markets in Hokkaido.

    A word of advice though, the Yubari melons you get at buffets may totally taste like regular cantaloupes. I had that unlucky experience after feeling so excited upon seeing a mountain of all-you-can-eat Yubari melons which in the end tasted like regular cantaloupes back home.

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