5 Types of Must-Try Japanese Bread!

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  • Bread (パン、pan in Japanese) is known as a western food and some foreign bakeries have gotten into Japan and they are popular here too. But on the other hand, you can find Japanese unique breads in Japanese bakeries and in convenience stores. We will introduce 5 popular breads and recommend you to have them in Japan!

    Yakisoba Pan

    Do you know yakisoba? It is a kind of noodle and fried with pork, vegetables in otafuku-sauce (Japanese well-known sauce similar to Worcestershire). Yakisoba pan is a kind of sandwiches. Hot dog bun is used for this sandwich. It might seem to be strange because we eat noodle with bread, but the otafuku-sauce and bread make very good harmony.

    Curry Pan

    Curry pan is fried bread has curry within it. There are a wide variety of curry pan; sometimes it’s not fried, sometimes it has curry with cheese, and sometimes the bread is like a doughnut. And curry is also different from each bakery. You can enjoy many types of curry pan by comparing to each other!!

    Katsu Sand

    Do you know tonkatsu? It is a Japanese pork cutlet, and we eat it with Worcestershire. Katsu sand is a type of sandwiches. Tonkatsu are usually ate with cut cabbage, so katsu sand also contains the cabbage. This tasty food will make you happy and full!

    Melon Pan

    Melon pan is a type of sweet breads. As the name shows, this bread has essence of melon. But sometimes it neither smells like a melon nor tastes like it. The most important characteristic is its shape. Melon pan is a bread covered with cookie which has melon essence. The cookie is formed like melon (round shape and pattern like a melon). Actually Japanese people don’t expect strong taste of melon but we can enjoy the visual characters and interesting food texture!

    An Pan

    Do you know an or anko? This is an essential sweet-bean paste and used for Japanese traditional sweets. An pan has anko in inside of it. This bread is very unique to Japan and has long history here; it had been launched in 1874 by one Japanese bakery. Now most bakeries produce their original an pan, so you can enjoy many types of an pan in Japan!!

    Not only these breads, you can find very unique and tasty ones in Japan.
    Enjjoy Japanese breads!!