4 Perfect All–You–Can–Eat Dessert Deals in Tokyo

  • Is too much of a good thing bad for you? If so, these places prove that being bad can be so yummy! Japan is well known for their desserts. There isn’t a block on any random street in Tokyo where you wouldn’t find some great desserts. Having them all in one place is even more amazing. These are the top places in the area for all you can eat dessert deals. Each is in a different price range, some are for kids, some for adults and open at lunch vs dinner, so plan accordingly!


    It is located on the 8th floor of the Lumine building, this one had a line going out the door for the most recent Crazy Halloween special. It is also an Italian buffet, but doesn’t hold a candle to their desserts that range from freshly baked treats to crepes and waffles made to order!

    Lunch is 2,380 yen for 90 minutes and dinner is 2,880 yen for 2 hours. Also for only an extra 1,300 yen you can drink as much alcohol as you want! BITTERSWEETS BUFFET is open 11:00am to 11:00pm on weekdays and 11:00am to 10:30pm on weekends.

    Bittersweet Buffet

    2. Sweets Paradise

    For a sweet and indulgent experience, head over to Sweets Paradise! Great for date nights with a fun atmosphere – they even ring a bell when fresh treats are ready! They also have an absolutely delicious chocolate fountain – who doesn’t love those. There are also some savory options available.
    1530 yen for 70 minutes (860 yen for children)

    Sweets Paradise

    *Please note, as of 2017 the Shibuya store is closed. However, there are several other Sweets Paradise stores in Tokyo.

    3. Takano Fruit Bar (Shinjuku flagship branch)

    Slightly healthier options of mostly fruit based desserts. Good option for those who do not particularly love chocolate but do have a sweet tooth! 2,700 yen gets you 90 minutes of pure fruit paradise. You must make a reservation before you go.

    Takano Fruit Bar

    4. Marble Lounge Hilton Tokyo (Shinjuku)

    This is by far the most costly of all the above, but the view/ambiance cannot be beaten. There are regular brunch, lunch and a newly opened dinner buffet options. However, the dessert buffet, open from 2:30 PM to 5.30 PM daily, is to be reckoned with. Usually themed and changing according to the season (think fresh strawberries), it also does not only have a chocolate fountain but also a live ice cream station with flavors and mix-ins made to order. Complimentary coffee and tea make this a must try when in the area.

    Marble Lounge Hilton Tokyo

    This list is definitely not the most comprehensive as there are a myriad of options in Tokyo alone. Feel free to post your favorites in the comment section below. Itadakimasu!

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