4 Bizarre and Delicious Japanese Fruits

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  • Have you ever wandered through a Japanese supermarket and stopped short, just to ponder over a mysterious looking fruit? You are not alone. Some things just look bizarre and too mysterious to try. But don’t miss out! Live on the edge and check out the fruits below. If you come across any in your travels, give them a try!

    Kaki (Persimmons)

    Be warned! There are two types – sweet and bitter. Don’t munch on the wrong one raw – it is more suited for drying or cooking. They look like they are straight out of Harry Potter’s world – all orange and Halloweenish – but they have a pleasant, light taste. Peel them, remove the pit, and eat them just as they are.


    If there ever was a fruit that looked like it could kill you, akebi would be that fruit.

    For starters, it’s purple. Not sweet pretty like a plum purple, more of a poisonous tree frog or fish kind of purple. Then you open it up. Silvery mush just jammed with seeds. Then you eat it and it’s a taste explosion! It’s best just to swallow, not chew.

    Square Watermelon

    These watermelons are simply crazy. Grown in clear plastic boxes to achieve the perfect shape, you can find them in mid to late summer, at higher end food shops and department stores. Be prepared to shell out some cash, though. These watermelons can cost from 10,000 to 20,000 yen depending on where you shop. They are usually used for decorating, rather than the eating, so you have to think about how much you really want to spend on your centerpiece.


    This delightful citrus fruit was developed in Japan in the early 70’s, it is sweet, high in sugar, and easily identifiable by the bump on the top. Actually a hybrid between kiyomi and ponkan fruits, this fruit is popular for eating as it is, or juiced for a sweeter-than-usual orange juice.

    If you happen to come across these delicious items in your travels, take advantage, and try a few. After all, where else are you going to be able to?

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