5 Top Sunscreens to Be Sun Smart All Year ’Round in Japan

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  • Japanese sunscreens are known for being cosmetically elegant. They are usually thin, light and do not leave a strong white cast on the face, unlike traditional sunscreens. Most Japanese women wear sunscreen every day to preserve their beautiful, fair skin.

    In recent years, Japan has released quite a number of PA++++ sunscreens which is an upgrade from PA+++. PA++++ sunscreens offer more reliable protection against UVA rays as compared to PA+++. According to cosme.net, the following sunscreens are the top 5 sunscreens in Japan as of 19th of October 2015:

    1) Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence

    This sunscreen has a gel-like consistency and feels light on the skin. There is no white cast at all. It is not waterproof or sweat-resistant so it is not suitable to use for sports activities. This sunscreen is ideal for daily usage and it can be removed easily using a facial cleanser. It contains citrus essence and hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin.

    2) Cle de Peau Beaute UV Protection Cream

    Cle de Peau is a premier luxury brand from the famous cosmetic giant company, Shiseido. Being a luxury brand, this sunscreen is pretty expensive. This sunscreen is light and dries to a matte finish. It contains extracts of thyme and turmeric which are purportedly useful to reduce the formation of wrinkles.

    3) Kanebo Allie UV Mineral Moist Neo

    Kanebo – ALLIE EX UV Protector Gel (Mineral Moist) SPF50 PA+++ เจลกันแดด ปกป้องจากแสงแดด ด้วย SPF 50+ PA +++ เจลน้ำที่ใช้ สามารถใช้เป็นโลชั่น, สำหรับใบหน้าและร่างกาย ที่มีกรดไฮยาลูโร EX สูตร มอยส์เจอร์ไรท์เซอร์เนื้อเจล Made in japan ขนาด 40 กรัม ราคา 660 บาท ขนาด 90 กรัม ราคา 1,150 บาท Line : @chom-cha #ส่งฟรีลงทะเบียน #ครีมกันแดด #kanebo #kaneboallie #kaneboallieuvmineralmoist #preorderjapan #พรีออเดอร์ญี่ปุ่น

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    This is a gel type sunscreen which is also waterproof and sweat-resistant. It also provides moisture to the skin due to the hyaluronic acid content. This sunscreen is suitable for both everyday usage and outdoor activities.

    4) Nivea Sun protect Water Gel


    Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel, Pump, SPF35/PA+++ 140gr Harga :160.000 This lotion-like UV gel can be used on both the face and body. With a gentle usage sensation that doesn't place any feeling of burden on the skin. Prevents damage caused by UV rays and retains skin moisture. There is no need to use a special cleanser to remove, as it comes off with regular soap, face wash, etc. #niveasunwatergel #niveasunprotectwatergel #niveaspf #niveawatergel #niveajapan #niveasummer #nivea #jastipjkt.id #firsthand #firsthandjapan #firsthandjepang #pojapan #openpojepang #pojepang #jasatitipjepang #jastipjepang #handcarry! #handcarryjapan #snackjapan #snackjepang #skincarejapan #skincarejepang #drugstorejepang #drugstorejapan

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    Nivea Japan releases gel-based sunscreens such as this instead of the thicker, creamier and heavier versions available in other countries. This sunscreen is not greasy at all and contains hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated throughout the day. It is not waterproof or sweat-resistant as it is meant to be used as an everyday sunscreen.

    5) Anessa Perfect Essence Sunscreen

    Anessa is another brand from Shiseido, but it is meant as a drugstore brand so it is more affordable compared to Shiseido and Cle de Peau. Despite being water-resistant and sweat-resistant, it is removable with a face wash. It claims to be highly hydrating with the addition of sodium hyaluronate in its list of ingredient.

    From the list, it seems like most Japanese prefer light, non-oily, gel-based types of sunscreens. The use of hyaluronic acid is also common to ensure that the skin is moist all day long.

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