Don’t forget to have a great fun time at the Japanese Arcade Game!

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  • In some countries in the 80’s, arcade games were very popular but nowadays the trend has gone. However in Japan video games remain highly popular! If you want some great fun, or simply want to have a bit of nostalgia, Japan is the best place for such games!

    Amusement arcades are called “Game Center ゲームセンター” in Japan and we would like to recommend you some great places to have an amazing time with your friends and family!

    Sega GiGO building in Akihabara

    What better place than the electric town of Akihabara? Indeed, in one of the most famous place to visit in Tokyo, you can find all sorts of games! And you can of course see the iconic and impressive Sega GiGO building! (See picture above)

    In this building you can find old school arcade games such as Pokemon or Pinball but you can also find the latest mind-blowing games! And the good thing is that it is located near many “Otaku” (geek) things like Manga shops, electronics shops and others! It’s open every day from 10am until 12am.

    Leisure Land ~ Daiba City

    There is a great advantage in this place; the stunning view of the Rainbow bridge! Also this place offers a great opportunity for shopping and you can even find a very stylish onsen! Leisure Land is of course highly recommended for its ultra-modern games! A very wide range of choice such as dancing games, using musical instrument games, playing war video games or even taking great purikura pictures! Moreover, we highly recommend you to try the food shops such as buffet restaurants or if you prefer sweet stuff, just try an awesome ice cream!

    In Odaiba, you can also find a very old style game center that is interesting to visit and to enjoy! You can also play sports games like basketball, darts or visit a horror house or even try the Ninja trick house.

    To get there

    It is open every day, so feel free to enjoy it whenever!
    From Tokyo Station, using the Keihin Tohoku Line, to Oimachi, then from Oimachi, using the Rinkai Line, to the Tokyo Teleport Station!

    Leisure Land Access

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