Have you tried the Japanese snack DAGASHI?

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  • Have you heard of “Dagashi”? Dagashi are actually sweets but a little bit different when comparing them with the usual sweets or snacks. The purpose of Dagashi (cheap snacks) is to be able to be cheap and filling. So Dagashi is a type of really popular snack for children.

    But sadly, today it is hard to find a Dagashi store,which stock many kind of Dagashi. Because we usually eat normal sweets or snacks, which price is around 100 yen to 200 or more per one. And Dagashi’s price is average 50 yen per one, So twice as expensive as usual sweets or snacks.So Dagashi is reasonable price for children. When I was child, I always went to Dagashi store in local place.

    it is too much to say that Dagashi reminds of our memory when we were children. So really nice experience.

    So I have a question. Dagashi is when and where started in Japan.


    Dagashi is started Edo era and place was unknown yet. But there is Dagashi per a feudal domain.
    And the place in which Dagashi was most popular was Edo city. At the same time, in Kansai area where the opposite area from Kanto, Dagashi was said “Zatsugashi” as opposite meaning of “jyogashi” Jyogashi mean rich sweets, for example mashed sweets potato and Konashi.
    That phase it was impossible to use white sugar as stuff of Dagashi. White sugar was really expensive stuff. So Dagashi was showend for child.

    From Edo era to now, The price of Dagashi has increased. At the same time some kind of Dagashi disappear from Dagashi Market.
    But we some Dagashi survive. This time I would like to introduce some Dagashi, which has survived.

    Dice caramel

    Dice Caramel is first Dagashi in Showa period (1927).


    This is not just Candy. This candy have a Lottery, that if you checked inside of Package and confirm “当たり”, you would get one more same candy.


    “Umai- bou” is really good taste one. there are 36 types including limited version. Surprisingly it is 10 yen per one. And these days that is used as dried food sprinkled over rice. If you ate good taste in those kind, I would recommend “Corn potage” or “salad”

    Tirol Chocolate

    This one is Chocolate Dagashi. There are around 300 types. And sometime collaboration with Animation or season foods.

    So this one enjoy during eating and you can correct too.

    By the way, I intend to say that Dagashi is really fashionable and we have to maintain this culture and taste with memories.
    When you visit Japan, I really hope you experience Japanese nostalgic taste before Japanese had experienced.