How big the Japanese grave revolution is!

  • These days Japanese Grave type has changed the ground grave for not ground grave. So future how change do grave do.

    Japanese Grave started since earthenware era. Before Grave said to Kohun(=a Tumulus).


    That was showed up 7 AC.That’s shaped seems like Keyhole. So that is called Keyhole-shaped tumulus. And that is the biggest one In Japan.
    Around this tumulus, there are many things, clay figures and buried some gift from China(that time China called “Tou” )
    And tumulus size emphasized the authority in Japan. more large the tumulus is, the stronger the leader is.
    But since then Grave type has changed and continue to now style.

    Ieyasu Tokugawa’s grave

    Do you know Nikko Toshogu Shrine. In there, you can see Ieyasu Tokugawa’s grave. That is really huge But not bigger than Keyhole-shaped tumulus.

    And then I would like to introduce a currently grave.

    Now grave style

    You can see much grave in narrow place. So it is not good.
    Because a number of graves in this picture sign there are enough graves in Japan, especially urban area. That is really serious problems in Japan. A lack of graves are clearly to be seen. So it is hard to get my grave in Tokyo in the future. In addition, according to grave’s information, it is 34 of one to get my grave. And not every day be opened. So that is one serious problem.
    In a while, country side, there are many graves. So the problem lacking of grave seems like be Urban problems.

    In urban area, grave type has been changed, that is collaboration with technology.

    Look at above picture.
    This is not Museum, Just a grave. One statue is one grave. When I first saw and imagine this image, I doubt is it really Grave. However that is really grave. And that is really beautiful. Incidentally the cost is 3 hundreds and sixty thousands yen for forever.

    I thought when I finish writing this issue, What kind type of grave will you show? It’s will be amazing one.