Must See: One Piece Kabuki in Japanese Theatres!

  • In Japan, you will probably quickly notice that the past and the present exist in harmony. In one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, you can still find ancient wooden shrines in the strangest of places. With such a rich history and popular current shows it has finally happened, the past and the present have melded… and what has been produced in One Piece Kabuki!


    Kabuki is a classical form of drama performed in Japan. The kanji for kabuki translate into the art of singing and dancing. You can recognise kabuki by the elaborate face makeup that is worn by the actors, which really goes with the ideal of kabuki being out of the ordinary! Kabuki was formed by Izumo no Okuni who developed a new style of dancing. Originally kabuki plays were performed solely by females, who played both the male and female roles. In 1629 female kabuki was banned for being erotic and, therefore, was solely performed by men from that day. Kabuki was very popular for many years, although not so much with the shogunate. It suffered a little following world war 2 but now is one of the most popular traditional styles of Japanese entertainment.

    One Piece

    If you haven’t heard of One Piece you must have been living under a rock! One Piece is an anime and manga series by Eiichiro Oda, first published in 1997. The main character is happy go lucky pirate called Luffy who has eaten a devil fruit giving him the properties of rubber! The world they live in is fraught with danger, but Luffy manages to make strong friendships and bonds with almost everyone he meets. This story is full of pirate flair and an element of magic and mysticism and more people emerge with strange powers given by the devil fruits. The manga was first published in 1997 and the anime adaptation began in 1999. So far 713 episodes of One Piece have been aired and there are over 803 chapters. Over 380 million copies of One Piece have been sold, making it the best-selling manga EVER!

    One Piece Kabuki?

    So knowing a bit more about kabuki and about One Piece you might think that mixing the two is quite odd. However with the most popular manga and one of the most popular forms of Japanese entertainment all in one it’s a sure-fire success! The show opened on the 7th of October in Tokyo and will be running until March 2016 in Osaka too for Super Kabuki II: One Piece.

    One Piece Kabuki *Automatic Translation

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