9 awesome ways to enjoy Mochi!

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  • Mochi can be considered as a traditional rice cake. This cake made of sticky rice is usually eaten around New Years. There are many way to enjoy that awesome food, here are some of our recommendation:


    First of all the Mochi is fried in a pan, then we add some soy sauce and we wrap it up with seaweed. It has a salty taste and it can be eaten as a really simple snack.


    The Oshiruko is a red bean soup in which we put a baked Mochi inside. But sometimes we also put an unbaked Mochi in. The soup is sweet therefore the tasty special but great!

    Nattou Mochi

    An easy recipe is to eat the Mochi with your Nattou dish, a tasty but smelly dish.

    Anko Mochi

    Another amazing sweet recipe is the Anko Mochi which consists to have a red bean on a big Mochi ball.

    Kinako Mochi

    This time the Mochi has roasted soybean flour around it. It is also sweet and could be even sweeter if you add syrup.


    Another tasty recipe is when you grate Japanese radish on th Mochi and then you add soy sauce, yummy! By the way, Japanese radish is good for digestion.


    It is a simple but tasty soup that contains a grilled Mochi. It is very often eaten at New Years.

    Kagami Mochi

    This might be the most traditional way to eat Mochi. At New Years, we make two Mochi, one bigger than the other because it is supposed to represent the sun and the moon. Then we add a Japanese orange on top. Few days later, we share it with the family but we never cut it! We have to burst it with a small hammer or by hand! It is very hard but very tasty!


    The most simple way to eat Mochi is to bake it and to eat it!

    Take care of yourself!

    Due to the viscoelasticity of the Mochi, you could be choking so please be careful when you eat it! It actually happens every year that some people die because of suffocation.