Tokyo Tower, Stunning View from Every Angle: 11 Picture-Perfect Spots

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  • Before the currently popular and beautiful Sky Tree, there was another tall and magnificent legend that symbolized Tokyo to a T. Tokyo Tower, built in 1958 and located in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, is the second tallest structure in Japan at 332.9 meters (1,092 feet). This tower is not just a typical tourist spot, but also an original date spot for couples, even romantic enough to inspire a Japanese movie “Tokyo Tower.” Also, it might be a little-known fact that the tower also broadcasts digital signals for Japanese media outlets such as NHK and TBS.

    With this said, the red and white beauty of Tokyo Tower should not be underestimated. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Tokyo Tower provides a magnificent view from any angle, day or night, from far away or close up. We will now share with you 11 picture-perfect spots for your viewing pleasure!

    The order will be from a wide panoramic view to a closeup view.

    For those who want a panoramic view, pay attention to numbers 1-5.

    1. Roppongi Hills

    If you desire an expansive outdoor view of Tokyo city, you can go up to the 52nd Floor’s Observation Deck and see not just Tokyo Tower, but also Sky Tree, Odaiba, Haneda Airport, and on a clear day you might even get the chance to see Mount Fuji in the distance!

    Roppongi Station

    2. Shinjuku Center Building

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    Hanging around Shinjuku? This may be the most convenient spot to view Tokyo Tower! From the 53rd Floor of this building, it might be better to glimpse a night view of all the glittering lights that make up Tokyo.

    Shinjuku Station

    3. Odaiba

    This is the place to go if you would like to see the the colorful Rainbow Bridge of Odaiba contrasting gorgeously with the stark red color of Tokyo Tower. A place to recommend would be the 25th floor of the Fuji TV Building.

    Odaibakaihinkoen Station

    4. World Trade Center

    To get a bird’s eye view of beautiful Tokyo, the Seaside Top Observatory offers large, glass-paneled windows which allow you to indulge in a completely unobstructed view of the magnificence that is Tokyo Tower, as well as the rest of the city skyline.

    Hamamatsucho Station

    5. Prince Park Tower Hotel


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    2018/10/13 プリンスパークタワー東京のロビーラウンジにてアフタヌーンティー☕ 窓際の東京タワー🗼ビューのソファ席にてゆったりまったりした時間を過ごす✨ セイボリー&スイーツ計11個+バター感満載のスコーン🍰🍩これがちょうどいい感じ😙飲み物がお替わり自由なので飲み過ぎてしまうが…とにかく大満足🤣 #ザプリンスパークタワー東京 #プリンスパークタワー東京 #プリンスパークタワーホテル #アフタヌーンティー #アフタヌーンティーセット #ロビーラウンジ #スイーツ #デザート #カフェ #東京カフェ #ホテルカフェ #大門 #赤羽橋 #芝公園 #東京 #theprinceparktowertokyo #princeparktowertokyo #princeparktowerhotel #afternoontea #afternoonteaset #sweets #dessert #cafe #tokyo

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    As the hotel has a prime location right by Tokyo Tower, if you stay at this hotel you enjoy a clear view of the skyline day or night. Now, just don’t blame us if you can’t sleep at night due to the extraordinary night-view.

    Hamamatsucho Station

    For those who want a close-up view…

    6. Shiba Park

    One of Tokyo’s oldest parks as also a popular date spot, you can view the Tower amidst the greenery. Relax and enjoy!

    Hamamatsucho Station

    7. Keyakizaka Street

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    Of course Tokyo Tower is picture-perfect all year long, any time of the day, but Christmas time could indeed be the most picturesque, with the Tower emanating a shining blue glow from a never-ending row of lighted trees leading up to the front of it.

    Roppongi Station

    8. Nagai Hill

    With the Tower situated near this slightly hilly road and a row of nearby churches surrounding the area, you might be able to get a different, more peaceful feeling as you gaze at the city skyline.

    Kamiyacho Station

    9. Harumi Tokyo Passenger Ship Terminal

    It’s probably best to visit the Terminal at night so you can see the lit-up Tokyo Tower reflecting its lights over the dark blue sea, creating a romantic ambience.

    Takeshiba Station

    10. Tokyo Tower Crossing

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    Wanna get super up close and personal? You can perhaps try to take a selfie while posing with Tokyo Tower looming right over you!

    Onarimon Station

    11. Zojoji Temple

    Another place where you can experience the ever-intriguing mix of modernity and tradition would be the collaboration of Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple.

    Onarimon Station


    If you’ve reached the bottom your interest in Tokyo Tower must have been piqued up a notch or two. Even if your time is limited Tokyo Tower is a must, and now you know that it’s easily accessible from many different places there is no excuse to miss out! From any vantage point such as the 11 spots mentioned above, you will be able to enjoy the Tower to the fullest, as Tokyo Tower is definitely picture-perfect from all angles, any time of day!

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