Japanese Fashion in Four Seasons

  • Season changes in Japan and so do the styles. As we all know there are four beautiful seasons in the Land of the rising sun, which are Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Fashion in Japan is being recognized all over the world and they never run out of trendy fashion ideas and cutting edge styles. So have you ever wonder what kind of outfit will you put inside your luggage when traveling?

    Winter- fuyu 冬

    Winter is almost over! Which usually take place during the month of November until the month of February . In some areas the average temperature during the coldest month could drop below -6 degrees Celsius or 21 degrees Fahrenheit, in this case one of the most important to wear would be a long warm coat or heavy jacket which would protect you against extreme coldness of the weather. Gloves is also ideal that would keep your hands warm, large scarf to make sure that it would cover your head well, chic boots and some cute ear muffs would make the rest of your travel fantastic and stylish.

    Spring- haru 春

    Now, brace your self, Spring is here! This particular season is among the best times to visit the country, so I suggest mark your calendar from February until the month of May. During the first period of Spring, you would appreciate the pleasant temperatures throughout the country and you will be one of the luckiest person to take the glimpse of the famous cherry blossoms, best known as SAKURA. The weather will still be chilly and windy, but it is a bit warm and there would be a low chances of rainfall. A comfortable Cardigan would be highly ideal, a pair of comfy boots, soft fabrics of gloves and scarf and a waterproof jacket would do. Lastly don’t forget to buy an umbrella once you arrive there because the weather can be a bit playful.

    Summer- natsu 夏

    It gets very hot and humid anywhere in the country which happens throughout the month of May and will last ’til August. Therefore a fashionable cotton clothing is highly advisable for you. Some soft texture of sweater and natural fabrics such as linen is greatly preferred during this hot season. Make sure to have with you your sun protection such as sunscreen and a sunhat or even an umbrella. However while going outside it’s best practice to take plenty of water before sightseeing or bring this along with you.

    Autumn- aki 秋

    By the late of August until November, wearing a long-sleeved T -shirts or something like that would be enough, however if you are planning to explore the country and walk around, wearing a long-sleeved sweater is highly recommended, most specially in the morning. You can still be stylish wearing hooded sweatshirts however if you cant still beat the coldness you can add up a long sleeve cotton shirt as well. Move away away your boots and wear Comfortable shoes with socks definitely no sandals or flip flops. It would not be a bad idea to bringing hat, scarf, and gloves too if you plan to do a lot of exploring and sightseeing because as we all know there are a lot of stunning scenery waiting for you to see during this season.

    Nowadays weather can really be a bit unpredictable and unstable, It could be really warm one day and really cold the next but always best to bear in mind that we should never dress just to impressed. Wear what you are most comfortable with. It is how you always bring the clothes along your personality and behavior that will leave the greatest impression. So what are you waiting for? Let’s pack our suitcase now!

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