Destination Tokyo: Narita or Haneda Airport?

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  • Are you going to Tokyo but don’t know which airport to choose?

    What are the differences between Narita and Haneda? Here are some tips to choose your preferred airport.

    Haneda Airport

    Opened in 1931, Haneda Airport is located in Ota, Tokyo which is considerably much closer than Narita. From this airport, going to your preferred hotel or tourist destination is much easier as you can easily access trains, buses and taxis.

    There are also a lot of photo opportunity spots here.

    An advantage of arriving in Haneda Airport is that you are closer to some tourist destinations like Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akihabara and more which will give you more time to stroll around the city if you arrive late in the afternoon.

    In Shibuya, you can see the statue of the very popular dog Hachiko, the famous Shibuya crossing, Shibuya 109 and many more. The Beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen National Park, incredible restaurants like Alice in Wonderland, Robot Restaurant and others are located in Shinjuku. Also, there is the city Akihabara, known for having maid cafes and is the electronic mecca of Japan.

    Haneda Airport

    Haneda Airport International Terminal Station

    Narita Airport

    In 1972, Narita Airport was opened to cater to international flights. This international airport is located in Chiba Prefecture, which takes an hour and a half from Tokyo by bus or 72 minutes by train. One of the reasons why some prefer to choose this airport is because of the cheaper flights some airlines offer.

    From Narita, you can go to Tokyo by taking a Keisei bus for ¥1,000 only and ¥1,140 if you prefer it by train.

    Though located one hour from central Tokyo, there are still popular tourist destinations in this area. Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disneysea, Naritasan Park, Makata Shrine to name a few.

    Narita Airport

    Narita Airport Station

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