Ginza: Pop Into These Fascinating Hot Spots on Your Next Visit!

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  • Ginza is a popular shopping district in Tokyo. It is an area where you can find internationally renowned department stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques.

    Choosing which place to visit can be quite confusing. Here are two fascinating activities you can do in Ginza.

    Kabukiza Theatre


    If you’re searching for a traditional kabuki drama, why don’t you visit Kabukiza at Ginza. It is the principal theater in Tokyo which was originally built as a wooden structure. It has quite a long history of renovations. Since the building was burned down on October 1981 due to an electrical fire, it was rebuilt to be fireproof yet, still carry the traditional Japanese style of architecture. However, the Great Kanto Earthquake burned down the building again but was then rebuilt similar to the architectural baroque styles of the pre-Edo period. Another occurrence, World War II, shattered the infrastructure which resulted to another reconstruction preserving the 1924 reconstruction style up until the present.

    There is performances nearly every day here with a number of tickets being sold. They organize plays for each month with each performance being repeated in the afternoon and evening shows.


    Bar Lupin


    Bar Lupin has been doing business since 1928. It is said to be a second home to many writers such as Kafu Nagai, Ton Satomi, Yasunari Kawabata and many more. Some painters, actors, as well as medical professionals, frequent the place. However, it changed its name from Lupin to “Pan-tei” (Mansion Bread) due to a strict rule from the military in the 1940s related to banning of foreign names. Then came the Urgent Bar Control Act, which prohibited the selling of alcohol. Thus, Bar Lupin turned into a coffee shop, secretly selling liquor behind the scenes.

    It was in 1972 when the whole place was torn down by the owners due to gas and water leakage brought about by its old age. It was time for better reconstruction with the old interior being moved into the new basement. You can find Lupin a few blocks from the JR Yurakucho station which is hidden in a little side alley. It offers a very soothing ambiance.

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    There are many more activities to do and more places to visit, but these fascinating activities will surely help you kill time while you enjoy Ginza. Buckle up now and head up to Ginza.

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