National Museum of Nature and Science: Peek into Early Japanese History

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  • If you’re interested in natural science and looking for the best place for your kids to enjoy while learning something new, then head to the National Nature & Science Museum located in Ueno Park of Tokyo and be enthralled with all the unique exhibitions it has to offer.

    There are so many places to explore! Let’s take a closer look at them.

    Permanent Exhibitions


    Nature of the Japanese Islands

    The exhibit shows the existence of the geological species under and over the sea, which have appeared, flourished and become extinct over time. Japan, as an island nation, has four distinct seasons that are strongly affected by monsoons and ocean currents. From this natural habitat arose the diverse forms of life, which is what you can see at this exhibit.

    History of the Japanese Islands


    The exhibit showcases the evidence of past lives formed from the layers of rocks accompanied with the dynamic and changing history.You’ll experience an environment from the time the Japanese land mass split away from the continental margin towards the time it formed into an archipelago.

    Japanese People and Nature

    Encounter our ancestors settling in the Japanese islands around 40,000 years ago with their skillful ways of interacting with the natural environment such as the invention of pottery, cultivation of plants and other techniques. Learn more about how the early peoples grouped together according to their distinctive culture.

    Admission Details

    The National Museum of Nature & Science is one of the best places to broaden your knowledge on scientific matters and history. Bring your family along and have a great bonding time while exercising your brain, and improve your imagination skills as you learn about the ancient world around you!

    National Museum of Nature and Science

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