Japanese TV Quiz Shows: Test Your Japanese!

  • People from all around the world are captivated by the wonder and beauty of Japan. But with the language barrier that separates Japan from people who cannot speak or understand their language, many are willing to give the extra effort of learning the Japanese language.

    It is true that there are many ways of learning Japanese, some of the popular and most recommended ways include watching Japanese drama or Anime, listening to Japanese music and for those who can afford it, going to a Japanese language school. But is simply knowing the language enough for everyone? I don’t think so. There are people who love Japan so much that they strive to learn any information about Japan that they have access to. Immersing yourself is a great way of learning and I believe one thing that people overlook is watching Japanese TV quiz shows.

    Japanese Quiz Shows

    Japanese quiz shows or Kuizu Bangumi (クイズ番組) are aired in Japan once a week just like other regular tv shows and I’m sure some of you have seen video clips of these quiz shows on Youtube, some other website or on the TV itself. Japanese quiz shows are more inclined towards people from the entertainment industry, especially variety artists, making these quiz shows fun and interesting and a less serious type of quiz shows.

    Japanese quiz shows are full of information that some learners can’t obtain or learn on the spot. Some language learners try to avoid Japanese quiz shows because they think they wouldn’t be able to understand it, they wouldn’t be able to follow it or there are no subtitled materials available for them. But the effect of using these shows as learning resources is exactly opposite!

    The written quiz questions are shown on the screen

    Questions are shown on the screen making it easier to follow what the question is about. For those who can read a certain amount of Japanese whether it be hiragana, katakana or kanji, this is a good practice for reading comprehension. And for those who are just starting out to read, this can be your stepping stone into learning through exposure. Learning with Japanese quiz shows is like hitting two birds with one stone. Why? You get to listen to Japanese and at the same time you get to read what’s written on the screen. Watching Japanese drama and anime will give you exposure to speaking Japanese but with minimal reading exposure.

    Japanese quiz shows are very informative

    Japanese quiz shows are very informative. There is a variety of segments and the questions come from a wide range of topics like general knowledge, educational questions about math, science, geography, social studies, Japanese and even English. Even Japanese people learn something new from watching quiz shows and those who are not from Japan will learn even more. Basically, watching quiz shows incorporates both learning something new and being able to test your general knowledge as well as your Japanese skills.

    I cannot speak for the majority of the Japanese people, but I for one, do love Japanese quiz shows. It gave me additional knowledge on things I didn’t know and at the same time quiz shows are interesting to watch. One of my favorite shows I would recommend is called Cream Quiz Miracle 9.

    It is a weekly quiz show aired every Wednesday on TV Asahi. The show’s regular participants are veteran actors who are challenged by guest participants and are separated into two teams with 9 members in each. One of the reasons why I like this show is because of how the question difficulty increases upon reaching the end of the show and the questions involve both questions about Japan and the whole world with segments including speed test, compulsory education test and a bingo test.

    These Japanese quiz shows are a good way to check your knowledge of Japan and your language skills and, of course to learn something new. Go watch one and try to answer all the questions if you can. Learning is about putting up the effort and I’m sure those who seriously want to learn more about Japan, will take on the challenge!

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