Tokyo Zombie: Hilarious Japanese Horror Movie

  • Everyone loves a good horror film and everyone loves a good comedy and there is a Japanese film which combines both for a fantastic 104 minutes of hilarious horror! If you get the chance you should definitely check out Tokyo Zombie!

    In some ways it follows the classic formula of any good zombie film- there is, of course a sudden outbreak of people who have recently died rising from the dead and attacking the living. As ever in a zombie film when someone gets bitten by one of the zombies they then become one of the zombies themselves. However once you get past the basics it’s full of surprises!

    The cause of the zombie apocalypse in Tokyo Zombie is an enormous mountain of garbage and waste just outside Tokyo which the local have dubbed “Black Fuji”. When you see the first zombie emerge it’s a bit of a shock entrance as is the first zombie kill and they set the tone for the whole film! There are lots of comedy touches, dirty old men who get their comeuppance and the relationship between the main characters through the first half of the film is great.


    At the beginning we meet the two main characters as they are training in Jujitsu instead of working at their jobs in a fire extinguisher factory and due to a mishap (I won’t spoil it here!) they end up on Black Fuji where they meet their first zombies! The film follows them as they go on the run and meet other survivors, including a man obsessed with Calpis!

    Half way through, the film takes quite a surprising turn and the tone changes completely as time moves forward and you see what has happened to Tokyo quite some time after the Zombie uprising started and it’s not what you might expect! The world’s not quite how you’d expect and it ends in a fantastic climax!

    If you speak Japanese or you can get a copy with subtitles and you want to see a horror film with a difference you can’t go wrong with Tokyo Zombie!

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