Can you Survive the Zombie Apocalypse at Universal Studios Japan?

  • Have you ever wanted to experience the horror and the chaos that you would usually only see in the scenes of a zombie film? Lots of us have wondered how we would handle it and if you go to Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan around Halloween time you can experience the madness for yourself!


    Universal Studios Japan has a few seasonal events, however, none of the others come close to being as fun or exciting as the Halloween events! There are new attractions that are only around until Halloween is over, special shows and a park-wide event every evening.

    The extra attractions for 2015 include horror mazes based on Chucky, the psychopathic doll from the “Child’s Play” films, and one based on “A Nightmare on Elm street” with Freddy Kreuger along with “Alien vs Predator. The mazes are fantastic, very spooky with lots of things leaping out and being killed in front of you! Going through behind young Japanese girls will make it even scarier as they tend to scream a lot!


    There’s also a few attractions you’ll need to queue up to get extra tickets for as they are so elaborate they can only accommodate so many people a day so go early if you want to experience all of the Halloween fun! Attractions such as Biohazard’s (Resident Evil in the west), Raccoon city and “Trauma,” a horror hospital adventure, both need tickets.

    Some of the regular rides and shows all get a Halloween makeover as well! The Terminator 2 3D movie has a special Halloween version featuring Sadako from “The Ring”. If you queue for Terminator after 6pm things might start off the same way but soon take a strange turn when Sadako interferes!

    The highlight of Universal’s Halloween festivities, however, has got to be the Zombie Horror Night! From 6pm onwards the lights in the park go down and begin to flicker ominously while sirens go off and explosions can be seen around the park! Soon after Zombies appear in the streets and begin chasing park guests! If you buy one of the glowing hearts you can wear around your neck it will flash and light up more when you are near the zombies and they will chase you more if they see it!


    Around the park there are SWAT officers trying to take down the zombie hordes running through the crowds, you’ll even see some “guests” get caught and eaten and become zombies themselves!

    For a real Halloween experience you need to get yourself to Universal Studios Japan and try running away from the Zombies for yourself!

    Universal Studios Japan

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