Anime–Themed Bread in a Can: Snack of Choice for All Otaku!

  • Love eating bread and watching anime?
    How about watching anime while eating bread out of a can with your favorite anime character? Fancy, don’t you think?

    Well here’s the good news – it is no longer just a thought! Yes! Otakus may now enjoy their favorite snack straight out of an anime-themed can! Hurray! And there’s more to it than just the awesome designs.

    Variety of Flavors

    Not everyone likes the same flavor. Some may fancy the thick, stronger taste that chocolate has, while others favor the creamy and long-lasting aftertaste of buttery-milky delights. And then there are those who’d go for the healthier green tea and strawberry picks.

    And there’s a whole lot more in the store for you! You just have to know what you want to eat and then pick accordingly!

    Add on Collectibles

    Of course, you can’t just throw away those precious anime-printed cans, can you? In fact to some, the cans may be more valuable than the bread! For what purpose, you’d ask? For collectibles! If you’ve got some collectibles at home, then these tin cans could be an excellent addition to display. Just make sure you wash it carefully before putting it next to your other stuff.



    The idea of having the cans decorated with anime characters originated in Japan. But the whole idea of putting bread in a can may be traced to decades back in New England, where it functioned mainly as a sort of emergency food. Pan Akimoto, a local bakery in Japan started selling canned bread in 1995 after the Kobe earthquake. The canned version was an idea of Yoshihiko Akimoto, son of Kenji Akimoto who established the bakery in 1947. However, it was not until 2006 or 2007 that the idea of incorporating anime themes on cans started to become popular among otaku.

    So why to put bread in a can?


    A major factor aside from the delectable flavors would be its portability. You can just have it stuffed in your backpack while being on the go. Going on a trip or running late for school or work? Grab a can of bread with an anime twist and satiate your hunger. Just keep in mind that while you can keep the can, you can’t store the bread for too long. Just like any other bread, it has an expiration date. The fresher it is, the better it tastes.

    Want to check out more varieties of this canned treat? Feel free to check out the official website of Pan Akimoto or visit Tokyo Anime Center located on the fourth floor of the UDX building of Akihabara Crossfield for new arrivals.

    Pan Akimoto
    Tokyo Anime Center

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