Diner En Blanc: World–Famous Secret Dinner Finally Held in Tokyo

  • Dinner en Blanc is the world’s most secretive and exclusive dinner. With it’s humble origins in France, it has since been a worldwide phenomenon with most event locations being in the United States. The dinner is all in white – from both men and women’s attire, tables, chairs and sometimes even food, it is surely one classy event.

    More about the Event


    The focal point of Dinner en Blanc is its secrecy. The invitees are sent out to a selected few (usually to those lucky ones that have already been previous participants or their friends). Shortly thereafter a waitlist opens up for those without the original invitation. The location, usually at an iconic landmark at some part of the world is kept a secret until the day of the event. Participants are told to meet at multiple locations in the area of choice and then walk to the locale. Booking is generally done online and one can not only get tickets but also request white tables/chairs, and even dinner entrees if you have no desire to carry them to the site yourself.

    Tokyo’s FIRST le Diner En Blanc


    This year marks Tokyo’s first entry into this event. As one can imagine with so many well-known landmarks people kept guessing until the last minute. Over 1600 lucky invitees were told to meet at multiple metro stations. This year the event was held at Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery. The event had a DJ, a string trio, and was catered by local chefs from Nobu to Yonemura. There was even a world premiere unveiling of a delicious sake and a special all white Moet Imperial available to drink the night away with. Many brought not only their own tables and food, but also energy and passion for the event that was felt throughout the night. The best part is they were the very first people to dine at the venue since its construction in 1926, making this a special occasion indeed.

    Tokyo surely hopes this was the first of the many following parties, the details can be found here. Kampai!

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