Tokyo Ghoul – Fresh Inspiration for Halloween Makeup!

  • Japanese manga and anime have a big influence on a lot of people nowadays. The ideas behind those character are not just for fun only, some also can teach you life lessons. “What can we possibly learn from these fictions after seeing the episodes?” “Are they trying to tell us about the good deeds? Or “Is this the moral we can adapt in our daily routine?” Besides, the beauty of the characters, and creative plot can lead some readers and fans to create their own art or rather ‘art of makeup’ as well.

    From Tokyo to Los Angeles, Tokyo Ghoul has inspired the renowned beauty Youtuber Michelle Phan to create a Tokyo Ghoul video tutorial for this Halloween!

    About Tokyo Ghoul

    Tokyo Ghoul is the anime combining horror and action created by Sui Ishida. The main character is Ken Kaneki, a college boy who is suffering living as half human half ghoul. The anime shows a whole new level of the darkness in Japanese animations since many violent scenes can be viewed in every episode. However, it also reveals the inner side of human nature where the character has to decide between the right and the wrong.

    Tokyo Ghoul for Halloween?

    A lot of people have started to think what they want to cosplay Ken this Halloween. Surprisingly, a lot of Youtubers have uploaded their tutorial videos inspired by this anime. The somewhat simple makeup actually requires a lot of skills and techniques to accomplish the final look. Not only the equipment such as red contact lenses, face paint, fake blood, but also the accurate measurement of the composition of all major colors; black, white, red, and silver. Each character in Tokyo Ghoul has a different style. From bloody to cutesy looks, this anime covers them all. It is not just Michelle Phan, and her fellow Youtubers, many cosplayers have also been strongly inspired by the series.

    The truth is, there are many Halloween characters to choose from, but trying Tokyo Ghoul can be new, original, but yet a frightening look!

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