3 good places you should go in Yokohama

  • Yokohama, Kannai Bay

    In your first few months of living here in Japan, you’re probably wondering what are the best places here that are really nice to visit and to hangout with friends on your very boring days.
    In my 2 years of living here in Japan, I have been to many places around Kanagawa and Tokyo and my most Favorite place is Yokohama. Officially the City of Yokohama


    Yokohama is such a woderful place to me, this place is very peaceful and relaxing. Every Sundays of the weeks Family, Friends, Couples are gathering here to go Shopping ? Eat together ? Date ? or Have fun ? This place is very big, the buildings and towers are amazing and the surrounding are just incredible. Lot’s of stuff can be done here perhaps.

    Kannai station access

    Yokohama Sakuragicho

    The First time I’ve Visited Yokohama, Sakuragicho I was like WOW because everything I ever wanted are located here. There’s Coffee Shops, Shopping Malls and Restaurants around. I always go here for shopping, Boutiques here are always on Sales and I love Sales when buying clothes because it saves me a lot of money. Cosmo World is a plus for you if you already have a child or you have little brothers/sisters who is going with you. It’s kinda popular because of it’s Diving Roller Coaster which had Freaked me out a lot the first time I’ve rode it but nevertheless some people may find it very Enjoyful.

    Sakuragicho station access

    Yokohama, Kannai Street

    Kannai is the heart of administrative and commercial Yokohama, with the Kanagawa
    Prefectural Government offices, the Yokohama Municipal Government offices, Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters, other governmental offices as well as major business offices within its borders. This street is Pretty nice, Unlike Sakuragicho it is more on Restaurants, Fast Foods and Entertainment like Karaoke and Pachinko. This place is rich in Historical Events.