Eggcellent – an Eggceptional Place for Breakfast and Brunch in Tokyo

  • Eggcellent is a great place to satisfy any of your egg cravings. From omelettes, pancakes, to frittatas and even egg tart desserts, this place has you covered. With several locations in Japan, notably in Roppongi and Haneda, this restaurant perfectly captures the breakfast and pancake craze that has been recently sweeping the nation. The piece de resistance here, however, is the egg.


    One cannot help but notice it upon arriving – the entryway alone is a large wooden egg-shaped artwork and the surroundings, one is now officially immersed in egg heaven. All the little details are covered. The egg centered menu, egg-shaped salt/pepper shakers and even the cream holder. Down to the “mint” you get on your way out that is so kawaii in its egg shape, but randomly tastes like banana.


    Not surprisingly, the restaurant is known for it’s breakfasts, especially the benedicts and pancakes. There are no less than 6 different options for benedicts alone! Accordingly they source their eggs locally and, in fact, are the only restaurant in Japan to source their organic eggs from more than 30 farms in the region, which are then delivered fresh every day. There is also a comprehensive drink menu with orange juice delivered fresh in the orange peel itself, with a straw of course. Added bonus – coffee refills are free. A rarity in this neck of the woods!

    The space itself is comfortable, with great natural light from its open floor plan and windows. There even is a private glass walled partition for those who want to reserve a space for special events or just for parents with young children. There is also an outdoor pet-friendly terrace – a great place to enjoy the weather and seasons. The staff speak both Japanese and English making it easy for those in the expat neighborhood they work in – Roppongi.

    So if ever craving an egg-ceptional brunch – this is the place to be! Itadakimasu!

    Eggcellent official website

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